Read the following policies carefully.  It is assumed that when reserving a tee-time with the Perth Golf Course, that you agree and consent to all of the following policies.

Chrono-Promo PRE-PAID (discounted) reservations are not included in the below cancellation policy.  Chrono-promos are ineligible to cancel and are 100% non-refundable, even due to weather-conditions.  They are purchased directly from Chronogolf and not the Perth Golf Course.  Please take this into consideration when choosing your rate.

Cancellation Policy

Individual players or full tee-times can be cancelled up until 4pm the day before the reservation without penalty.  Call the proshop (a time-stamped voice mail is sufficient) or cancel online.

A penalty of $25 per player, to a maximum of $50 per tee-time, will be split equally amongst the remaining players at check-in or ultimately charged to the credit card used to secure the reservation, for any players that fail to arrive, regardless of the reason. Club EG and Golf Xtra reservations are no exception and are subject to the same policy.

Give as much notice as possible for same-day cancellations.  If we successfully fill your cancelled spot you will not be charged any fees.  When notice is not provided, we can’t fill your spot..

Although COVID-19 is a completely valid reason for not arriving to your tee-time, it does not absolve you of the financial commitment you made to the course with your reservation.  Unlike most other courses, our last-minute cancellation penalty is less than 50% of the original green fee and therefore should be viewed as the club splitting the difference with you.  If you suspect the possibility of a COVID-19 infection, we encourage you to cancel your tee-time prior to 4pm the day before your reservation to avoid the fee.

Reservations booked under the group rate have a separate cancellation policy.  It can be reviewed on the Group Rate page.

Weather-related Cancellations

Last-minute cancellations resulting from weather conditions are accepted without penalty provided the conditions are poor at our location.  Please check the forecast for Perth, Ontario, and call the proshop for details.

Club Member Cancellation Policy

Club Members (excluding Platinum) are subject to the same cancellation policy above, however, members with round-based memberships will not be charged the penalty fee, but rather forfeit round(s) from their package.   Since members don’t always check-in before their tee-time, their arrival will be assumed if the reservation is on the tee-sheet.  The member who makes the tee-time is responsible for any unspecified players so it’s important to name each of your playing partners – even in just the NOTES section of the online reservations.

Policy on Pairing Players

The Perth Golf Course books four players in each tee-time.  Assume that if you do not bring a full foursome, you will be paired with other players.  Before 3pm, if you do not want to be paired up, communicate that with the proshop staff and they will block the remaining slots for $25 per slot (split equally amongst the party).  After 3pm, the additional fee will not apply, and we will do our best to allow those that want to, to play by themselves.

Tee-Time Modifications

Your requested tee-time may be modified by up to 10 minutes (one tee-time later than originally requested) without your pre-approval.  You will be notified of this modification with a tee-time confirmation email.

Policy on Outside Alcohol

Alcohol not purchased from our beverage cart or clubhouse is 100% prohibited.  Coolers may be inspected by staff on the course.  If you bring outside alcohol to the course, you will be required to leave the property immediately without reimbursement.

Power Cart Policy

A maximum of two power carts are permitted per tee-time.  Carts can be rented at the time of check-in but cannot be reserved in advance (rest assured there’s enough for everyone!).  An additional fee is required for any single-rider requests.